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Welcome to Meanderers, an organisation interested in walking, creativity, and wellbeing.

Hi, my name is Amelia Daiz, I am the coordinator of Meanderers and a socially engaged artist based in Nottingham. I have been organising creative walks and social events and have realised the benefit of building a regular community of people interested in walking. Through my research I have seen the benefits of walking and making together as well as having the opportunity for social meals. I understand how fast paced and solitary the modern world can be and so through Meanderers I am trying to offer an accessible opportunity for people to reconnect through simple ways of moving, exploring, learning, expression, play and sharing with others. Through these methods I hope Meanderers can evolve into a community that helps us all feel better.


I began my artistic practice of walking with a workshop called ‘maps to nowhere’ in 2018 while on an artistic residency Antropical in Luxembourg. Since then, I have developed this method and other creative walking methods which I’ve used locally and internationally, including a commission as part of Leicester Art Week in 2021. I have been studying walking art and contemporary research on the benefits of walking to build community through my studies for a masters in socially engaged art at Salford University and by connecting with other brilliant walking organisations like The Loiterers Resistance Movement in Manchester and Walkspace in Birmingham. I am a studio member at The Carousel in Nottingham, and there I have hosted a series of making and social food events called Cosy Craft Club, where I realised the benefits of social eating and how this could link to my walking practice.

My vision for Meanderers is to have regular bi-weekly meet-ups; one of them free and based around the situationist theory of the derive, or drift, and the other a ticketed and curated walkshop, with an expert walk leader, food and a creative activity all included. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then head over to the join in page to see upcoming events. Additionally, if you would like to be involved as a walk leader, or have an idea for Meanderers please get in touch-

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